Curveballs and Arm Pain

The aim of the present study is to evaluate whether curveball spin rate and axis tilt can indicate which pitchers are at risk of injury.

  • Curveball spin rate and axis tilt will be measured passively in-game with a TrackMan Baseball system.
  • The Disabilities of the Arm, Shoulder and Hand (DASH) Questionnaire will be used to quantify pain as a numerical index.
  • Our hypothesis is that spin rate and axis tilt will both be positively correlated with pain index.
  • A more detailed research plan is available HERE.

PARTICIPANTS: Click HERE to take the survey.

Registration Lodging

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    Participants in the BSC arm pain research study who had submitted at least one DASH survey by 5/13/16 can use their ID number as a discount code to register for the camp and receive the pitching report for free. (Credit/debit card information will need to be entered, but THE CARD WILL NOT BE CHARGED.)

    We have arranged for a limited number of rooms to be available at the Mountain View Student Residence complex. Rooms are $25/night for single occupancy and $40/night for double. Linen services not included. (Bring your own linens.)

    Participants who had submitted at least one DASH survey by 5/13/16 will be eligible to have the room charge waived for one double room. Contact Dr. Kalk at to reserve a room.